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Berkeley Laundry Corporate Social Responsibility

And how we reduce our environmental impact

We are fully aware of the environmental impact that a large-scale laundry operation may potentially have on the environment. The good news is that modern industrial laundries are extremely efficient in terms of water and energy use. New and emerging sustainable technologies in this field provide not just significant cost reductions, but also environmental protection.

The laundry facilities we use continually invest in the latest technologies in terms of machinery, detergents and functionality. We work with them to focus on sustainable laundry practices such as load balances, wash programmes, reduction of damage to linens, etc. We have our own water recycling plant and we also use waste to fuel our power systems.

Plus we make sure the quality of our linen hire stocks are the best available, reducing wear and tear and the likelihood of them ending up in landfill.

By outsourcing your linen care to a commercial laundry you are actually reducing your own carbon footprint. You will not need to make space for or buy and maintain your own equipment, and you won’t be consuming additional water, energy or detergents.

Our partnership with the NHS

Our main laundry facilities are based at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent and we’ve been their partners since 1977. We’re proud of our long-established relationship, and they’ve come to know us and our customers’ requirements intimately.

Not only does this partnership give us access to a first-rate laundry, the NHS get valuable regular income from us.

To learn more about our services, how we work, or to discuss your linen hire and laundry requirements, please send us an email at contact@berkeleylaundry.co.uk.

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