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Our Linen Hire, Supply and Professional Laundry Services

Quality linen laundry services for hotels in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London areas.

Our laundry has been washing for over 40 years so we have lots of experience in washing hospitality linen. Our wash quality is outstanding. We pride ourselves in minimising key issues and work tirelessly towards reducing linen stock outs and rejects.

We offer several commercial laundry service options for you to choose from:

Linen hire

If you want to minimise your capital investment in linen stock then our linen hire services are perfect for you. We can supply towelling, kitchen, bed and restaurant linen and we offer two types of linen hire service:

Linen hire from pool stock

This is where we supply you with linens from a central pool of high-quality generic stock. When you send an item to us to be laundered we replace it with a clean duplicate item from our central stock, which will not necessarily be the same item you sent us. The benefits of this service are that we can optimise our stock levels by moving them around between clients which reduces our costs meaning we can pass the savings onto you. Also should your linen requirements change, say for a special event, then any additional items will be readily available from our pool stock.

Linen hire from stock dedicated to you

This is where you hire linens from us that are used exclusively by you and not by any other clients. The benefits of this service are that you can choose the linens you want for example by colour, fabric, thread count etc, and we will launder to your standards and keep a separate stock just for your use. You send your used linens to us and you get the same laundered items back in our next delivery.

Wash only

This is where you purchase your own linen and send it to us to be laundered. This is ideal for you if, for example, you have branded linen, or you have already invested in your own stocks of linen and need a professional company to make sure it is hygienically washed, dried, ironed and folded correctly and to your standards. As with all our services we collect and deliver to an agreed schedule.

Workwear hire – chefs whites and kitchenware

Large-scale and efficient laundering is a fast and sustainable way to care for your kitchen ware and chef whites. Hiring workwear from us means that your kitchen has a continuous supply of quality uniforms that look and feel good, last longer, and ensure your staff feel like part of a team. Our clothing is sourced from specialist suppliers to provide comfort and protection. We wash these outfits at high temperatures to ensure that they remain spotlessly clean and hygienic.

Workwear hire – specialist

We can source and supply professional workwear and uniforms that will make your staff feel safe, protected, comfortable and compliant as well as valued. Professional workwear can help create and sustain an attractive image for your brand as well as providing a practical function and saving your employees money. We have established a powerful relationship with a unique group of suppliers. As a result we offer a wide range of specialised workwear hire to our diverse group of customers.

Long term linen storage

If your linen usage varies with seasonal demand, then we offer long term linen storage in our 3000 square foot temperature and humidity-controlled storage facility. This frees up valuable space for you and means that your linens are well cared for when not being used for prolonged periods. Proper storage of your linen keeps it in perfect condition, thereby extending its life.

We work with hotels, universities, restaurants, pubs and more. To learn about how we do it, or to discuss your own requirements, please send us an email at contact@berkeleylaundry.co.uk.

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